2022 Large LCD Screen Mirror Adjustable Photo Booth Full Set

Material: Metal Enclosure with Metal Stand
Party Type: Family Party Business Party Holiday Party Events
Suitable for: Men Women Children
Style: Fashion
Color: Color
Application: Outdoor or Indoor


Touch Screen Magic Mirror Photo Booth For Sale Selfie Fotomation Station Portable Photo Booth

  • Instant Photo Printing: You can print out the photos right away.
  • Share on Social Media:
  • The built-in upload option makes it simple to post your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networks.
  • Photo Booth Software:
  • Simple user interface, can work online or offline.
  • Pictures can be branded with logos, hashtags, colors and customized designs.
  • It’s perfect for party, wedding, events sharing or marketing.
 Material Metal enclosure with metal stand 1. Instant Printing
 2. Advertisting Photos
 3. Share on Social Media
 4. Green Screen
 5. Gif Photos
 6. DIY Signsture
 7. Multiple Copies
 Model Mirror Booth 09 Air
 Screen LG 32 inches touchable screen
 Photo booth software Sparkbooth
 Camera Canon camera 1300D
 Printer DNP DS620 / DNP RX1hs
/ Hiti P525L dye sublimation printer
 Print Size 4*6/2*6 prints

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